Oxy-Acetylene Lifting Stand - Drawings


Fabrication and engineering drawings for Oxy-Acetylene Lifting Stand.
Designed to AS 4991: 2004 Lifting Devices

Drawings come with PDF, dxf for cut files and welding requirements - full Bill of Materials (BOM) and licence to manufacture 1unit.

Total Mass 70kgs G Size Bottles
Versatile oxy/acetylene bottle lifting units
Use as an overhead lifting frame or as a forklift attachment

Technical Specifications
Tare Weight: 70kgs
Working Load Limit (WLL): 200kg
Dimensions: 1918mm x 805mm x 390mm
Suits: G Size Bottles

Ensure bottles are securely restrained before use.

Testing: design has been load tested to twice the WLL 500kg
Design assumptions:
* The stand shall be used for conveying gas bottles with hose a work location by crane
* The gas bottles shall be restrained to the stand at two places: secured firmly with the chain and base of the bottle placed on the stand bas plate
* The weight of G type bottles are 65kg when full (oxy, argon, argoshield)
* The weight of Acetylene and LPG bottles are 75kg when full
* The tare mass of the stand is 70kg
* Ensure the stand is level when lifting
* The oxy acetylene stand shall be used, inspected and maintained as per AS2250 Cranes- safe use and AS4991 lifting devices

TEAM will issue Structural Check Certificate based on submission of:
* dimension check sheet
* material certificates supplied for all items
* welder qualification records
* NDT report for item
* photos of manufactured item prior to paint and after paint
This service is only available if agreed prior to construction and set milestones and requirements are met.

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