Long lasting solution for damaged conveyor belts


RubberLoc® - A conveyor belt repair system that is specifically formulated for rapid cure time and aggressive adhesion.  Excellent abrasion resistance allows for long-lasting repairs, giving dramatic increases to conveyor belt service life.

Features and Benefits
  • Reduces downtime - RubberLoc® cures within one hour

  • Belt can be restarted one hour after application

  • Superior bonding compared to similar products

  • A permanent repair system not a temporary patch

  • 400% Elasticity - Product does not crystallize - does not crack or peel

  • Kits are ready to use and have a shelf life of 18 months

Saves time, saves money, improves efficiency and increases productivity

RubberLoc® is the ideal solution for belt damage
  • Splice de-laminations

  • Longitudinal cuts

  • Through holes

  • Skirt board abrasions

  • Edge damage

  • Mechanical clips

  • Break sensor installs

Other Applications

RubberLoc® maintains its physical and chemical properties when applied on rubber, metal, concrete or wood:

  • Rubber Dump Truck Tray Linings

  • Dump truck and Earthmover Tyre Abrasions

  • Chute Linings

  • Pump Linings

RubberLoc® maintains its physical and chemical properties when applied on:

  • Rubber

  • Metal

  • Concrete

  • Wood

Technical Specification
  • Cures Hardness Shore A, 76-85

  • Tensile Strength, 6895 PSI

  • Elongation, 470%

  • 100% Modulus, 1176 PSI

  • Tear Strength, D470 - PLI142

  • Tear Strength, DIECV - PLI

  • Acid Resistance, 5%

Watch what happens to a belt over 6 months after a RubberLoc® Trial

Learn more about RubberLoc®

Damaged Belt before RubberLoc®
Repaired belt using RubberLoc®
Repaired belt - after 4 weeks of continuous use
Repaired belt - after 7 weeks of continuous use
Repaired belt after 6 months
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Repaired belt after 6 months