Paiton - Stacker Reclaimer Refurbishment

TEAM Group (Aust) undertook the overall project management to coordinate all of the facets of the recovery and refurbishment of SR2.


We provided key personnel to manage the project and involved the client team of engineers and maintenance staff in the recovery process to provide them with experience in the recovery, refurbishment, redesign and commissioning process. 

Our work covered the:

  • end to end project management

  • procurement of speciality items such as PLC, slew drives, load cell, megashor and electrical components

  • redesign of the boom and its suspension with improved engineering solutions, including fabrication and installation

  • redesign of the counter weight structure, including fabrication and installation

  • replacement of slew bearings

  • the replacement of all the plate suspension straps with galvanised bridge strand cables and an adjustable intermediate rope tensioner

  • the replacement of the Jib Post in full with fully competent suspension rope lugs

  • the complete replacement of the electrical cabling and field devices on the boom and jib post

  • replacement of cables and electrical field devices is a more economical outcome than trying to recover the existing cables and tray etc.

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