Here is a sample of our Engineering projects.

Portal Lift Concept
Anglo American - Grosvenor mine
Portal reclaimer - lift
Girder transport concept - Grosvenor
Anglo American - Grosvenor mine
Girder Transport Concept
Anglo American - Grosvenor mine
20T Zoomlion Man Crane Basket
Truck Mounted Cable Reeler - Design
BMC - South Walker Creek
Design and fabrication of a Truck Mounted Cable Reeler
Stacker Reclaimer Recovery
Paiton - Surabaya Indonesia
Stacker Reclaimer 1 Machine Recovery and Return to Operation
MSR Recovery
Rio Tinto - Clermont Mine
Decommissioning and rehabilitation
Rio Tinto - Kestrel Mine
Cable Arch
Towable cable arch
Slew Bearing Replacement
Rio Tinto - Clermont Mine
Stair Tower Erection
Rio Tinto - Clermont Mine
Stair tower erection - truck dump hopper
Disassembly & Removal of SR1
Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal
Disassembly and Removal of Stacker Reclaimer 1
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